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Gold Leader Has Arrived! And also the Slave 1.

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Earlier in the week a brief 12 second teaser popped up for Star Wars: Battlefront's new mode Fighter Squadron. We mention on today's podcast (which will be up for your earholes...later-times) that there's a brief couple of seconds showing real gameplay.

Well, here's the *actual* gameplay trailer. It definitely looks like Star Wars. The sounds are spot on and the first person cockpit shots look great. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the various ships control because based on this video, I get the sense that it's a bit more arcade-y than say...I don't know. Something completely and wholly unrelated. Like Battlefield

It also looks like we finally got some real glimpses of the planet Sullust. Which, as you all already know, is home to the greatest Rebel pilot since Dak "I could take on the whole empire myself oh no I can't because I'm dead why did you do this to me Luke" Ralter - Nien Numb.


My point is, treat his planet with respect even though it appears to be a rocky hellscape covered in liquid hot magma that will tear through your jeans and right into your goodies if you're not careful.

Regardless, check out this trailer. It looks pretty entertaining.