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Star Wars

"Greedo... is Good" - Grordon Grekko

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When they said "Give us $50 and we'll give you Star Wars Battlefront DLC", many scoffed. 

"What is this madness? $50 American Dollars for DLC you won't even DETAIL FOR US!? Nay!" is what probably everybody said. But now this complaint is only still partially viable because EA detailed the plans for their first Battlefront DLC pack.

Let's break it down, Sullust-style:

Ah-the-yairee u-hareh mu-ah-hareh.

OK, now let's break it down regular style:

New Gamemode
New Maps
New Heroes

Titled Outer Rim, you're gonna get to spend some more time on beautiful twin-sunned Tatooine hanging around an exciting, little out-of-the-way place you may have heard about: Jabba's Palace! Tour the Exhalted One's throne room! See where that filthy Jedi Skywalker made poor ol' Malakili cry his eyes out. Then, take a few moments to explore the garage where Jabba's favorite transport is housed, the Sail Barge Garage!

That's right, you'll be spending time in Jabba's Throne Room and his Sail Barge's Garage! But there's so much more to see on this trip!

Next, we'll head over to the lovely climate of Sullust! Tour their newest Smelting Facility and get a little more in-depth with the people and culture! 

Speaking of Sullstan culture and people, I did mention more heroes would be making their way to Star Wars Battlefront and Outer Rim is bringing us two new playable characters! The infamous Greedo will be trying to prove that his aim has improved and the other is our favorite resident Sullust, Nien Nunb who is out to show the rest of the Rebels just how to ride coattails to victory!

Finally, the new gamemode will be titled Extraction and here's the description right from the EA-horse's mouth!

Rebel forces have entered some of the most dangerous places in the Outer Rim in order to extract a valuable shipment of resources. Now they must bring the shipment to their transport ship before time runs out. The Empire has arrived to stop them from reaching the extraction point.

There ya have it. Here's your tl;dr recap!

New Maps:
Jabba's Palace - The Throne Room & Sail Barge Garage (that's just fun to say. Say it out loud. It's fun!)
Sullust - Smelting Facility

New Heroes:
Nien Nunb

New Gamemode:


So, whattya think?

"That Won't Happen Again" - Star Wars Battlefront's Boba Fett

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That whole Star Wars: Battlefront beta was a pretty big deal but as has been mentioned, it was merely a taste. And a taste it certainly appears to be! DICE showed off a new trailer at Paris Games Week and oh boy, it's a doozy.

This trailer...holy shit. We got Walker Assault on Sullust, we got Princess Leia going toe to toe with Boba Fett (we're gonna get to the dialogue soon enough), we got Vader v. Solo, we got battles on the forest moon, we got all the good stuff riiiiiiight here. 

I knew I was getting the game but I was gonna do it with a little bit of a chip on my shoulder. I'm pretty sure the chip just fell off.

Some of the dialogue they've written and chosen to use is just horrendous. It's hilariously bad which, in some bizarro way, makes it good? I don't know but "That won't happen agayan" (Boba Fett quote: now with Action Accent!) is like new George Lucas dialogue and I think that's universally despised.

Gold Leader Has Arrived! And also the Slave 1.

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Earlier in the week a brief 12 second teaser popped up for Star Wars: Battlefront's new mode Fighter Squadron. We mention on today's podcast (which will be up for your earholes...later-times) that there's a brief couple of seconds showing real gameplay.

Well, here's the *actual* gameplay trailer. It definitely looks like Star Wars. The sounds are spot on and the first person cockpit shots look great. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the various ships control because based on this video, I get the sense that it's a bit more arcade-y than say...I don't know. Something completely and wholly unrelated. Like Battlefield

It also looks like we finally got some real glimpses of the planet Sullust. Which, as you all already know, is home to the greatest Rebel pilot since Dak "I could take on the whole empire myself oh no I can't because I'm dead why did you do this to me Luke" Ralter - Nien Numb.


My point is, treat his planet with respect even though it appears to be a rocky hellscape covered in liquid hot magma that will tear through your jeans and right into your goodies if you're not careful.

Regardless, check out this trailer. It looks pretty entertaining.