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My Voice is My Passport. Verify Me. C'mon. Name's Dinklage...

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The biggest problem with the dialogue in Destiny was 100% the voice acting. It couldn't have possibly been the script. Nope. Lines like "That Wizard came from the Moon" are golden and should win Writer's Guild awards.

Ok, snark aside, Bungie has been taking heat for the complete and utter lack of enthusiasm by Peter Dinklage in his role as one of the game's most important characters, the Ghost. For all intents and purposes, your Ghost basically leads you around and tells you what's up. Except, when your Ghost does deliver a line it's almost always with a hint of "What the FUCK am I doing this job for? I'm Peter goddamn Dinklage". I jest, slightly, because I would hesitate to REALLY say Peter Dinklage phoned it in. While it sounds like it, maybe that's how he envisioned the character.

In any case, Bungie has had enough of the Dinklage slamming so they're just going to go ahead and get rid of him altogether. That's right. Peter Dinklage's voice overs in Destiny are being replaced by the guy who is in every other video out there and isn't named Troy Baker.


Nolan North is your new Ghost. So, congrats to both Nolan North on his new gig and Peter Dinklage for...getting this off his resume?