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[Overwatch] Say "Hello" to Ana

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A new character for Overwatch!? Yes!! 

Ana looks like she's going to be a very interesting addition to the game with her abilities. Sniper healing is great for when you hate your teammates but don't want to lose but she also has a stun similar to McCree. Plus, she's Pharah's Mom, which adds a whole lot to the lore.

I also love that Blizzard has chosen to to take a page out of Mad Max: Fury Road's book by having a badass "older" woman be the newest hero. The way they're weaving a backstory together with the animated shorts along with the comics is so completely engrossing to me.

I cannot wait to learn more about Ana and I'm *definitely* looking forward to trying her out!!

Hitman: Real Life Edition

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The concept of controlling a real human being is generally something megalomaniacal villains intend on implementing at a global scale in Bond-like flicks. Generally.

IO-Interactive, developers of the Hitman franchise, teamed up with Realm Pictures to create a unique "game" based around the above concept. They took the existing Hitman franchise and made it real.

I don't think anybody actually died in the making of this but if they did, it was for art. In any case, Hitman: Real Life Edition looks like it would be a glorious amount of fun to participate in.

Oh, and PS? I don't care. I liked the Timothy Olyphant Hitman movie. It was a ton of fun. I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR MY MANCRUSH ON OLYPHANT, INTERNET.


Hitman releases its first episode on March 11th.

A Moment with Destiny

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It was nearing 2:00am when it finally happened. After approximately 10+ tries, we had finally completed Destiny's Daily Heroic Story mission. It was late but the three of us, myself, Ryan and Dustin (who has a top tier GamerTag with "PlagueOfBabies") all let out a pretty audible exhalation followed by a few <EXPLETIVE DELETED>'s. We beat "Lost to the Light" and got our hands on the exotic sniper rifle, "The Black Spindle".