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Cliff Bleszinski Hates the Moon and Gravity - LawBreakers Teaser

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Clifford Q. Bleszinski of "Dude Huge" and - to a lesser extent - "Gears of War" fame left Epic Games a few years back to start up his own development house, Boss Key Productions. Since then, every single person who has ever played a video game ever has just been biding their time, waiting for CliffyB to strike.

And he has. With a teaser filled to the sci-fi, free-to-play, first person shooter, LawBreakers

We've got moon breakage and gravity and bullets and not-at-all-trite dialogue! Sounds like the makings of a great action game if I do say so myself (PROTIP: I do say so.)

All ribbing aside, this is just a simple teaser giving us a minor hint at why Clifford of the Carolina Bleszinski's really enjoys decimating planets. I'm not saying he's a genocidal madman posing a developer BUT how ELSE do you explain Jazz Jackrabbit!? HOW!? 

CliffyB is a fun personality in the gaming world and whenever he has anything to say, people tend to take notice. After taking some time off, he's probably revitalized in the way of GameDev and I hope he's as successful with whatever LawBreakers becomes as he has been in the past. Because if he is, that'll be a good thing for all of us.