what is a reverse improvement

We Are 1


We didn't make a deal about this but earlier in November, we hit the 1-year anniversary of ‪#‎0HP‬. Thank you all for being part of it. We're very excited to become toddlers.

Over the past year we've learned A LOT. We're still growing in a lot of ways but we made some major strides and will continue to do so. Both of us truly appreciate every single one of you that takes the time to listen to our show, watch the Hitplays, read the posts and interact with us. We love what we're doing and we know that we're on the right track.

Ryan & I have continuously been brainstorming ideas, working on new content and doing our damnedest to keep all of you (and ourselves, of course) entertained. I think the coming year will allow for some real #0HP HOT TAKES and TOP 10 REASONS YOU'LL BE SHOCKED TO FIND OUT WHY WE'RE GREAT. #4 MAY SURPRISE YOU!!

All of you, though. All of our friends and family. The new viewers and people we met at PAX or the Game Awards. Seriously. Thank you. We can't say it enough (but every now and then, we'll try to remind you that yes, we DO love you and we WILL carry your children.)

So, again. Thank you for an amazing first year. Here's to the next!


~m & r