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0HITPOINTS Live at PAX Prime 2015 - Day 4

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Ryan and Matt "The PAX Romana" Amberg close-out the con by talking about what they played of Mirror's Edge Catalyst, what they saw of Super[awkward]fight, what they felt about PAX's slow commercial evolution, why they played Just Cause 3 again, what they found playing Street Fighter V, what they lost by playing Homefront Revolution, and what they learned from talking with Cuphead's developers (Chad and Jared Moldenhauer).

Thanks to anyone that hung out and helped out, we promise to pay you back someday. YOU'LL GET YOURS I SWEAR TO YOU.

0HITPOINTS Live at PAX Prime 2015 - Day 3

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PAX Prime Day 3 is still going! Gotcha! It's over, and Ryan and Matt first played Waiting in Line: THE GAME before also playing Gearbox's Battleborn, Mario Maker and the levels from the World Championships, and Cuphead (!), but we also touched the Xbox Elite controller inappropriately, went to a panel with Mike Mika (#IDARB), Evan Jacover (Jackbox), and Steve Heinrich (Jackbox) where we played some Quiplash, talked about The Jackbox Party Pack 2, new #IDARB licensed DLC, and ended up talking with them one-on-one for a good 20 minutes afterwards.

Day 4 up shortly!

0HITPOINTS Live at PAX Prime 2015 - Day 1

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Ryan and Matt "hshgdgsj" Amberg... and Adam "No PC" Parkin (???) destroy their hotel room at PAX by podcasting in it, but also manage to talk about the movie Run All Night, Ryan's new 3DS, and even their day at PAX! The Bethesda booth came first, then we played Rock Band 4, attended the Loading Ready Run panel, went to couples counseling, heard about some favorite bad games, then got some free stuff at the Gearbox panel.

And you know what? We'll be back at it tonight via Twitch, LIVE as ever.