what is a reverse improvement

Episode 123 - Told You I Could Count


'Yan and 'Att are back and bicycles about David Duchovny's Dead Babysitters, HBO, The Flash, Shanghai Noon and/or Knights, and Shamadinger's Split before it's on to time spent with broken Vives, Switchmas: Zelda, Mario Kart, and Snipperclips edition, Star Wars Droid Puzzle, Overwatch, Flower, the functional end of Ballz, and Bastion. And if that's not confusing enough then Injustice 2 has some more trailers, the Call 'O Doots is getting old (WWII), Darksiders 3 and Danger Zone exist alongside the most nauseating parts of the Walking Dead multiverse, Nintendo doesn't have unlimited resources to make things they don't want to make, and apparently neither does Valve.