what is a reverse improvement

Episode 87 - I Already Have a Title for Next Week's Episode


Ryan and Matt "Weird Alpaca" Amberg are back and boisterous about The Wedding Singer, Saw 3D (he didn't), 10 Cloverfield Lane: Matt Edition, The Phantom, Criminal, Loaded Weapon 1, Jason Bourne, and Stranger Things before it's on to time spent (or lack thereof) with Overwatch and Pokemon Go. Then, children, lets rap about Doom's DLC, Yoooka-Laylee's demo, No Man's Sky's pre-release, Dead Rising 4's trailer, Darksiders' subtitles, Prey's bait and switch, Remedy Entertainment's Crossfire campaign, Burnout's successor, Disney Infinity's ironic name, Fireforge's failing, SKIN GAMBLING, and an internationally large amount of money.