what is a reverse improvement

Episode 88 - Eighters Gonna Eight


Ryan and Matt "All Sorts of Man's Sky" Amberg are back and barfing about LCD Soundsystem live, Warm Bodies, King Kong, and Filmage before it's on to time spent with the Lawbreakers alpha, No Man's Sky, Matt's HTC Vive-venture with Tilt Brush, Job Simulator, and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, then Wolfenstein: The New Order, Overwatch, and Pokemon Go. Also Metroid 2 finally came out, Evolve's evolution, Rocket League rumblings, Destiny's Iron Bowel Syndrome, Quake Champions' and Prey's latest trailers, and Farmer Fenix's Tomato Wars 2027™. Then make way for the lightning round with Telltale's Batman, XCOM 2, Dead Rising, Civ 6, and Rocksmith 2014 remastered!