what is a reverse improvement

Episode 71 - Official Taylor Swift Batman Tom Cruise


Ryan and Matt "Twinkle Toenails" Amberg warm up with some polite dinner plans, Flight of the Navigator, and The People Under the Stairs before it's on to time spent with Rocksmith 2014, Hitman, Alan Wake's American Preorder Bonus™, Paragon, Rocket League Hoop Dreams, Miitomo, and The Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord: DLC. Then it turns out the Xbox will do some things, a Doom trailer tries some things, Overwatch animates some things, Mass Effect Andromeda leaks some things, World of Warcraft has 1 weird player, Clash Royale has a whale of a goods time, and UC Irvine is all "LOL!!"