what is a reverse improvement

Episode 73 - Matt's Stuffed Animal Collection


Ryan and Matt "First Half" Amberg are high on Blade Runner, Troop Beverly Hills, the end of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Super Dodgeball, the obligatory Rocket League, the latest Destiny update, finishing Quantum Break, the Halo: 5: Warzone: Firefight: Beta: Game, finishing Into the Dim, SPL-T, and the latest "maps" for Star Wars Battlefront Base Command...er? Also Dengar! But then you got Fallout in my Forza, Arkham is anthologized, Gears of War 4 has microtrans... actions? And would you believe Doom released a trailer? Then: Mirror's Edge Catalyst's beta date, a new Ghostbusters game... maybe, Song of the Deep kicks off GameStop's GameTrust, the Rockstar shake up continues, and Cuphead invents Time (Magazine) Travel.