what is a reverse improvement

Episode 70 - Bratman vs Stuperman


Ryan and Matt "Unnnnhhh" Amberg fire it up with The Saint, Pee-wee's Big Holiday, Shocker, and The Batman Versus The Superman™ before it's on to time spent with Rocksmith, Hitman (TITman lololol!), Grand Theft Auto Vehicle Five, Rocket League, Monument Valley's Forgotten Shores DLC, and the end of Shadow of Mordor and its Lord of the Hunt DLC. But don't worry, you can spend $2500 on Rock Band 4, watch trailers from LEGO Star Wars TFA, Chinese Contra, or TWD Michonne. Also something about The Walking Dead season 3, more episodes of Minecraft Story Mode, Halo 5 DLC, Watch Dogs 2, and/or the PS4.5KVR or something I don't know I stopped listening.