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Episode 69 - Strokes


Ryan and Matt "Pea-nut Butter" Amberg kick the latest episode off with talk of Netflix's Marvel offerings and Ryan's latest Craven, The Serpent and the Rainbow, before it's quickly on to time spent with Paragon, Hitman, Valiant Hearts: Matt Edition, Rocket League, LEGO Dimensions Simpsons Level Pack, Shadow of Mordor, and Destiny's King's Fall Raid. Meanwhile GDC happened and pooped out a bunch of VR stuff like Star Wars Tatooine something-a-rather and Rock Band VR, while normal people announced Battleborn DLC, trailers for Yakuza, Doom, Below, and Halo 5: Guardians: Warzone: Firefight: Colon Simulator 2.0, details on Telltale's Batman game, Jackbox Party Pack 3, Bioshock: The Collection, GTAV's deer cam, Sony's response to Microsoft's plat-party, and Machinima's settlement with the FTC.