what is a reverse improvement

Episode 66 - I've Got the Bill Clinton Thumb


Ryan and Matt "E=MCHammers²" Amberg are back and talking about The Witch and how you too! can buy yourself out of your electric car lease before it's on to time spent with Lumino City, Superhot, small amounts of Destiny, large amounts of Rocket League, even smaller amounts of Star Wars Battlefront, mobile amounts of Tomb of the Mask, and a completely average amount of Oddword: New and Tasty. Then it appears Halo 5 had an update, Homefront The Revolution doubles down... again... some more, Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 return, Battlefield 5 rumors abound, Nintendo gets selective, HoloLens comes with a price to pay (a Conker game), Quantum Break inches closer, Twitch on Xbone won't suck as much, Microsoft gets PC in your console, Sony gets console in your PC, 2KE32016FFS, Vivendi gets almost as hostile as I am towards Ubisoft, Mortal Kombat's 20-year secret, and it turns out some politicians lie!