what is a reverse improvement

Episode 64 - Inadvertently Matrixy


Ryan and Matt "Hey is for Whoreses" Amberg talk Deadpool, Constantine, Matrices, and all of Daniel Craig's Bond films before game-a-palooza 2016 feat. Steam Controlling Xcom 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Destiny (!!), Homefront The Revolution's closed beta, the end of LEGO Dimension's Portal pack, The Walking Dead Season 1, Pneuma: Breath-slash-Water of Life, Valiant Hearts, and Rock Band 4. The Mad Catz is sad, Fallout 4 is DLC happy, DOOM is 13+ hours, Kanye West isNNEEEXT, Tomb Raider is well written, Assassin's Creed 2016 is confirmed infirm, Watch Dogs 2 is coming, Ubisoft is making another groaner, Destiny 2 is YOU, and Skate 4 is [possibly exists emoji].