what is a reverse improvement

Episode 63 - Do Mattdroids Dream of Electric Burgertimes?


Ryan and Matt "Ryan please stop nicknaming me in the podcast descriptions" Amberg are back and talking about The Superbowl, Comedy Bang Bang live, Dumb and Dumber To, Bridge of Spies, Foxcatcher, and Mazerunner 1 and 2 before it's on to time spent with Xcom 2, Churchill Solitaire, Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4, Tetris Ultimate[ly futile], Star Wars Battlefront as Hitplay, LEGO Dimensions' Portal pack, Batman Arkham Knight's rough stuff, and good ol' Destiny. Honestly that should have been enough, but they go on unsolicited about Destiny's February update, the return of Overwatch and pretending to understand MOBAs, Street Fighter 5's cinematic trailer, The Division's division, Hitman's new trailer and beta, Doom's date, Mirror's Edge's Catalyst's trailer's and's beta's, H1Z1's split and release, Titanfall 2's campaign (it exists!), and Red Dead's brief reappearance on Xbox One.