what is a reverse improvement

Episode 61 - 5 Ugnaughts Stacked Up Under a Jedi Robe


Ryan and Matt "Arnold Schwarzenegger from Twins" Amberg check out The Revenant, a quick second of Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, and Inside Out before it's on to time spent with Pocket Mortys, Destiny, Ubisoft's Scrabb[CRASH], the end of LEGO Dimensions and its Back to the Future level, and Rock Band 4. Then some people told us that Street Fighter 5 gets a story mode, Umbrella Corps and Far Cry Primal get trailers, Overwatch gets a beta, Star Wars Battlefront gets DLC details, Mighty No. 9 gets delayed (I assume, haven't actually looked), UFC 2 gets Mike Tyson, UFC 3 gets Mr. Dream, Homefront The Revolution gets 4 player co-op, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get a new game, and Donald Rumsfeld finally gets revenge for all the people that have wronged him over the years.