what is a reverse improvement

Episode 41 - The Long Hello


Ryan and Mattlegear get stuck on movies again with Turbo Kid, Batman (no-neck edition), Seventh Son, Big Game, Love and Mercy, yet another installment from Ryan's Fast and Furious marathon with Tokyo Drift, the BBC's Grand Theft Houser TV drama ("Gamechangers"), and the recently announced Mega Man movie, but then the video game part of their brain revolts (or is revolting) and they talk about time spent with the Mega Man Legacy Collection, Pac-man 256, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain of Typing Out the Entire Title, Mad Max, Titanfall, 3DS Street Passing, Super Mario 3D Land, The Swapper, and Evolve. And while they were playing all that new details came out about Destiny's Taken King, SOMA, Telltale's Minecraft Story Mode, Deadpool for PS4 and Xbox One, 4 new Mortal Kombat X characters, the backwards compatibility of Deus Ex Human Revolution, Pikmin 4, Machinima and Microsoft shenanigans, FIG, a new Apple TV for gaming, and Ubisoft Land: Kuala Lumpur edition.