what is a reverse improvement

Episode 44 - YES AND


Ryan and Matt "The Beav" Amberg tip-toe into Scream, Elementary, I Robot, and (finally) Fast and Furious 6 before admitting to the group they played Metal Gear Solid V, the ending of Mad Max, the Rainbow Six Siege beta, mere seconds of Titanfall and Evolve, the grammatically ambiguous Angry Birds Star Wars, Neko Atsume, the ending of The Swapper, and the beginning of LEGO Dimensions. Meanwhile Destiny was patched, Rock Band 4 gets U2 4U, last gen Black Ops 3 loses the campaign, Star Wars battlefront gets a beta date-a, Overwatch does... things, Mighty No. 9 gets a date, Hitman gets a date and details, and Oculus Connect spills al lot of VR beans.