what is a reverse improvement

Episode 43 - English is Terrofying


Ryan and Matt "The Cough" Amberg are back and bubbly about Cooties, Fast 5, and documentaries about Chris Farley, Kurt Cobain, and Christian Hosoi before it's games! games! games! starring Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid V, Bedlam, Shadowmatic, tiny bits of Titanfall and Evolve, Rayman Jungle Run, Peggle Blast, The Swapper, and Super Mario 3D Land. Then Batman Arkham Knight and Rocket League get more DLC details, Minecraft Story Mode gets a release date, Ustwo announces Land's End for Gear VR, Star Wars Battlefront gets local and dedicated, The Witness gets a date and trailer, Street Fighter 5 introduces [Aunt] Karin, Rainbow Six Siege gets free maps, Dark Souls 3 gets a beta and a release window, the delay train welcomes aboard Star Fox Zero, Hitman, and Persona 5, Bioshocks possibly get remastered, Shenmue 3 is baaaaaaack, Amazon says "come on!", PS4 gets a 1TB Blopper, and the New Xbone Experience is so close I can feel it.