what is a reverse improvement

Episode 40 - Brian and Dom Were Tokyo Drift Compatible


Ryan and Matt "Tackle Box" Amberg are back to talk about football fantasies, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Night at the Museum 3, and what they played of Team Fortress 2, The Mega Man Legacy Collection, Titanfall, and Pac-Man 256. Then maybe they talk some about Metal Gear Solid V's microtransactions, the GTAV Rockstar Editor on consoles, Rock Band 4 peripherals and new tracks, Back to the Future for current consoles, Star Fox Zero's release date, and the River City Ransom sequel that definitely still exists.

"That's it?" you ask? "How on earth is it still an hour long?" you ask? Don't worry, if we have our way there will be a new cast (live or otherwise) for every day we're even marginally alive at PAX this week, so keep an eye out Friday through Monday, something intelligible will happen.