what is a reverse improvement

Episode 34 - Misbehaving Horsies


Ryan and Matt "Pig Carcass" Amberg go grizzly with their Yellowstone and Royal Gorge stories before talking about time spent with Fallout Shelter, Team Fortress 2: Gun Mettle, Disney Infinity 2.0, the next GTAV Heist, and Batman Arkham Knight before pig carcassing their way over to Marvel game news from Comic Con, Gears of War Ultimate-minus-horde, Black Ops 3 noir zombies, LEGO Dimensions Dr. Who details, Predator in Mortal Kombat X, the next Witcher 3 patch, more Rock Band 4 tracks, new Dishonered 2 details, collectible garbage from Just Cause 3, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, and Black Ops 3, ZombiU for PS4 and Xbox One, how to get Fallout 3 for free, Binding of Isaac Rebirth on Xbox One, and the official dissolution of Kojima Productions.