what is a reverse improvement

Episode 30 - Something


Ryan and Matt "Hew" Amberg spend a good 20 minutes on Payback, Kids in the Hall Live, The Neverending Story 2 (tell me about it!), Red Army, Big Eyes (not "Big Guys" apparently), and Chappie before getting into what they played of Bloodborne, Game of Thrones Episode 3, Q*Bert Rebooted, Tony Hawk's Project 8, the end of Mortal Kombat X mobile, and the entirety of The Wolf Among Us. Then it's on to such popular issues as Rainbow Six Siege's new trailer, Nathan Fillion in Halo 5, new Fortnite details, a new Star Wars RPG, the Mega Man Legacy Collection, Mirror's Edge 2 renamed Catalyst, Armikrog's existence and release date, Playdead's delaying of Inside, Fallout 4 details, new Xbox updates that make Ryan want to kill himself, Blizzard's latest acquisition, and E3 promises from Ubisoft, Deus Ex, Gearbox's Battleborn, and Nintendo.