what is a reverse improvement

Episode 20 - Tangential


Ryan and Matt "Nickname" Amberg open things up with some movie talk about Role Models, I Love You Man, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall before wondering out loud why one of them went to the zoo, then it's on to games played with Far Cry 4, GTA V, Game of Thrones Episode 2, the ending to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, a little more Jackbox Party Pack, the climactic conclusion of Puyopuyo Tetris, and Star Wars Card Trader.

Then maybe they talk about the debut of Star Wars Battlefront, Evolve's new hunters, Mortal Kombat X's latest roster addition (hint: it's kind of Chris Matthews), Overlord 3, Blood Bowl 2, Batman Arkham Etc on current gen systems, the closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege, Kojima leaving Konami, God of War 3 remaster, and Nintendo's Splatoon.