what is a reverse improvement

Episode 19 - Come On Down to Venusville


Ryan and Mat-a-tat-tat talk about, get this, movies(!) like Total Recall, Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Naked Guns, Scary Movie 3, and Balls of Fury before unbelievably moving on to the games they played, namely Far Cry 4, Magic, Evolve, 8Bit doves, the fever dream that is Puyopuyo Tetris, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, finishing Battlefield 4, and the first GTA V heist.

Then hey BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE HAS A DRIVEABLE COUCH, Mortal Kombat X news, the Rainbow Six: Siege alpha sign up, Banjo Kazooie's new spiritual successor, and Nintendo's new console that won't be on your phone.