what is a reverse improvement

Episode 18 - I Hope You Like Movies


Ryan and Matt-attack give in to the darkness and talk about movies for darn near thirty minutes, namely Kingsman, Of Miracles and Men, American Sniper, Home Alone, and Cobra.

Then, no joke, they actually talk about video games, like Worms: Battlegrounds, Monument Valley, Puyopuyo Tetris, Lastronaut, and Evolve. Then they go full on newsies about Evolve's observer mode, new Wolfenstein stand-alone DLC, Metal Gear Solid V, the Xboxing of Wasteland 2, Shovel Knight, Goat Simulator, Cuphead and a free-to-play Magic Duels: Origins, new Sunset Overdrive DLC, more Overwatch content, Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2, and Gameinformer's Mad Max info dump.