what is a reverse improvement

Episode 14 - Screw the Title I'm Going to Disneyland


Ryan and Zap Mattigan begin by talking about what is probably professional racquetball, Michael Keaton's super-hero movie "Birdman", and Drew Struzan's super-hero movie "I Will Steal Your Soul with My Witchcraft Painting", before it all devolves into video games like Far Cry 4, IDARB, GTA V's ending, and Evolve: Hunter's Quest.

Then you're all powerless to prevent them from talking about Evolve's critical reception, Dying Light's mod tools, Overwatch news, Halo 5 beta feedback, LEGO Jurassic World's trailer, Mortal Kombat X modes, Borderlands 3, Homefront: Revolution's "not fake" status, and the DICE Awards.