what is a reverse improvement

Episode 56 - I'm Not Your Dad


Ryan and Matt-sletoe *Kiss* Amberg are beginning to look talk a lot like about Christmas spaghetti sauce, Star Wars The Force Awakens, who The Vogues are, and Idaho before it's on to time spent with Fallout 4, new Star Wars Base Command maps, Pipfall, Carcassonne, and Destiny's Dark Below, House of Wolves, and Sparrow Racing League DLC. Then they round things out by mentioning Minecraft's console update, Team Fortress 2's Tough Break update, the delaying of Below, T-Clancetown's The Division alpha gameplay, the upcoming Star Wars RPG, Kojima + Sony, Riot Games and League of Legends' buyout, and the Coleco-leco-leco-leco-leco Chameleon.