what is a reverse improvement

Episode 45 - Mechanically Repetitive


Ryan and Matt "Matt" Mattmatt talk about Ryan's roaches and Matt's Impossible Mission before getting into time spent with Team Fortress 2, Metal Gear Solid V, Rainbow Six Siege Beta, Angry [ad] Birds [ad] Star [ad] Wars [deleted], Neko Atsume, Jetpack Joyride Back to the Future, GTAV Rockstar Editor DLC, retiring Titanfall and Evolve, the Need for Speed Beta (not Burnout), the Forza 6 demo (also not Burnout), LEGO Dimensions, Rock Band 4, and Batman Arkham Knight DLC. Speaking of segues, Arkham Knight for PC comes crawling back, Star Wars Battlefront does some stuff, Destiny wants your money, Minecraft Story Mode gets a trailer, Just Cause 3 is "big", Street Fighter V confirms Zangief and leaks Laura, Far Cry Primal gets leaked/confirmed/trailered, Square Enix says "whoops", Oculus costs money, Hololens costs more money, Microsoft buys Havok and sets Twisted Pixel free, and Mass Effect gets a theme park too?