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He's not a monkey. He's a scientist.


Blizzard has done it again. Last year they released a fantastic animated short to introduce us all to the world of Overwatch.

They're back and this time...it's personal. Well, it's probably always personal, this kind of conflict generally has something like that going for it. In any case, baby Winston is adorable and I think Blizzard may have slyly hidden some new heroes into this video. 

I love this world and the character designs. This is a world I want to see filled out with a movie or a tv show or both. It's got legs, people. 


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It's not every character, but it's most of them. I'm looking forward to seeing how Overwatch turns out. Hopefully, it ends up being a strong multiplayer FPS and NOT a weak, slowly desiccating husk of a game that will, in a very deliberate way, tear your soul away and nonchalantly walk away as you gasp for air.

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