what is a reverse improvement

Do A Goddamn Barrel Ro...FINE. BARREL ROLL ENGAGE!


I never knew I wanted a Reggie muppet but thanks to the Nintendo Digital Direct E3 presentation, I certainly know that I want one now.

Nintendo had a pretty damn great showing giving us looks at new Zelda games, Yoshi's Woolly World (remember Kirby's Epic Yarn? Think that but with more adorableness and amiibo support), Xenoblade Chronicles X  and a few others. 

But THIS was the highlight:

Star Fox Zero is just...wow. Immediately back to my childhood. They've got the two screen experience going where the Gamepad allows you to look around the world while your tv shows a more cinematic view.

The follow-up video is 100% worth watching just to get a history on the game, where it came from, etc. The antici...* for this game will be high but it's dropping Holiday of 2015!!!

They continued showing support for the 3DS with new Animal Crossing and a REALLY interesting game called Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam where Paper Mario meets Super Mario 64. Their uber-map maker Super Mario Maker has grown quite a bit since we last saw it and definitely seems to be a cousin to the well-loved Mario Paint.