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You Can't Take the Sky From Me

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Scale is something we hear a lot about. The size of the map, how far you can actually go, etc.

When Sean Murray from Hello Games hopped onto the stage at Sony's E3 Presentation, he turned the concept of scale right on it's head.

No Man's Sky's universe, filled with solar systems that are populated with planets - which are, by themselves, populated with flora, fauna, and life all their own - is so incredibly expansive that when Murray started zooming out and explaining the size he outright stated that there's a good chance many of the systems/stars/planets will never be discovered.

That may sound like hyperbole but after seeing the demo, I have to wonder if he's actually correct. Prior to this, I had no real interest in No Man's Sky. It seemed all too theoretical and lacking in real solid footing but now? Absolutely, 100% no question about it, got to play it.

I'll see you 'round the 'Verse.

If you've got 30 minutes and want a glimpse into how Hello Games is making No Man's Sky a clown car of solar systems, check this Game Informer video out.