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What's Old is New Again


Microsoft decided to drop the kid gloves and pick up some older kid gloves at their E3 conference this year. Lots and lots of information but some of the biggest being Backwards Compatibility being implemented on Xbox One for all Preview Program Members TODAY and then going live over Holidays with over 100 titles!!


This is absolutely HUGE news. Not only does this expand the library tremendously, it's completely free assuming you own the game! Digital downloads should start showing up in your game library. Game discs will also be supported but unsure when that will occur.

What games are available for backwards compatibility is completely up the developers and publishers. We also learned that both Fallout 4 and Rainbow Six: Siege will come with free copies of their last-gen iterations - Fallout 3 and Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 & 2 - which is an incredible value.

Along with that, we saw Hololens integrated with Minecraft, which led to this incredible piece of footage:

All I can say is if you get a chance to watch these presentations, do so. Bethesda and Microsoft have started this E3 out better than any in recent years.