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Remedy Entertainment: A History


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Man, I love being a turtle. 

I've also said that I love Remedy games and that, along with the first statement, is also a fact. Remedy is a special game developer because they're not just game developers. They're enthusiasts about games of course but also about storytelling, technology, and about doing something great by combining all three.

The history of Remedy, starting as a group of friends in a basement through growing into one of the most celebrated independent game developers in the world, is a wonderful story that is worth your time. 

Remedy games have a specific quality to them, a look and feel. Something that is uniquely Remedy. It's stood out in every game they've released, Quantum Break being no exception, and I don't know exactly how to pinpoint it. Maybe it's the Finnish-take (one of the Hottest Takes you can get) on a more Western sensibility as influenced by a variety of media. I don't know for sure but I do know this:

Remedy Entertainment is one of the few developers out there that has consistently put together an excellent game, albeit fewer than we'd like to see. But that is one of the things that sets Remedy apart from every other developer.

They'll let us know when the game is done because the game will be done when it's done. And while the wait may be excruciating, I always know I'm in for a treat.