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A PARAGON of Value!



That's probably the headline in the deluge of brand new Paragon news. Epic released a ton of new information their strategy for Paragon including Early Access, Founder's Packs, Heroes and the always-dreaded...bumBumBUMMMMMMicrotransactions!

Paragon is going into Early Access on March 18th with Founder's Packs going on sale a few days prior on March 14th.  So, what does this mean for players? The game will be immediately playable through Paid Early Access via your chosen Founder's Pack on March 18th with Epic's promise that your progress will not be wiped after that point. It will remain persistent. However, for all those who signed up to play the beta, don't fret. They will continue to do Beta Weekends throughout Early Access. So if you don't want to pay for Early Access, sign up for the beta and play for free!

Speaking of paying for Early Access, they'll have 3 packs: 

Founder's Pack - $19.99
Challenger Pack - $59.99
Master Pack - $99.99

The Founder's Pack gets you access to the game, some boosts, some cards and a few skins. The other packs are similar but much larger number of bonus items, with at least the Master Pack coming with an extra Founder's Pack to gift to a friend! 

Along with these details, they mention their microtransaction strategy (nothing that will impact the game, only skins and basic boosts) as well how to earn card packs (play the game). 

I personally think Epic is going the right direction with Paragon. They're focusing on and listening to the community but in a logical manner. I touch on my feelings about the game, the community event itself and what I believe Epic is doing with the game in the below video, so check that out! I think Paragon is an interesting game that, while MOBA, feels different. In a good way.

There will be some more information coming out of Epic soon and the rest of our NDA will be lifted shortly, so I'll be able to talk a tiny bit more about some of the more in-depth Paragon things we touched on at the Community Event.