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Break Me Off a Piece of That Quantum Break


Is that really the best title I could come up with? Survey says:


Now that we've figured this situation, let's talk about Quantum Break! We're unabashed fans of what Remedy does, and I'm personally a huge Sam Lake fan. I think he's just delightful.

Today, we got this stellar live-action trailer starring Iceman again! Unfortunately, not the Kilmer Iceman but an Iceman nonetheless. I am really looking forward to playing this game as it looks like a ton of Remedy-style fun.

Everything about this trailer just hits right for me. I love the concept of playing with time. Games like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or Braid have been great examples of how to properly use time mechanics and as I'll expound upon below, I think Remedy is perfectly positioned to follow suit as I believe they know how to successfully meld mechanics into the ever-important story.

When Lake and Remedy announced Quantum Break, there was no question we were gonna be supporters. Remedy has consistently put out games that fulfilled the story-driven need we have in tandem with some great gameplay. Alan Wake is, of course, one of the absolute favorites and much of that was due to just how deep the narrative felt.

And If you never got the chance to play Alan Wake or it's expansions The Writer and The Signal, you're in for a treat.

Just purchasing Quantum Break nets you Alan Wake plus those expansions. Pre-ordering from certain places will also get you the not-exactly-a-sequel-but-in-the-same-universe Alan Wake: American Nightmare stand-alone game. We've talked about the pitfalls of pre-ordering in the past and how it's certainly a problem BUT personally, when a company that has a consistent track record of quality like Remedy AND one of the bonuses is a full copy of one of the best games of the last generation, I kinda feel like you can't go wrong here. I can't anyhow. 

Oh, and if that weren't enough, Remedy has also confirmed that there will be a Windows 10 version of Quantum Break which is a FREE add-on if you pre-order the XBOX version through the XBOX store or those same various retailers as mentioned above.

Quantum Break from Remedy Games releases on XBOX One and Windows 10 April 5, 2016.