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Post-apaxalyptic Paxtermath

PAX, PAX 2015RyanComment

Hey do you remember PAX? Good because I don't (google "pizza blackout"), but apparently we attended:

The girl taking the picture asked us to give a thumbs up if we had never played a PC game before, I couldn't see Adam for some reason but it looks like he heard her say that too.

On the other hand I'm not sure what the girl taking the picture told Matt, but I'm starting to think he's excited about Fallout 4.

And then there was Rock Band 4. We thought it would be funny if we played with our vault boy masks. We thought it would be funny if we played the Spin Doctors' seminal masterpiece Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. We thought it would be funny if I didn't accidentally throw my drumsticks into the crowd. 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Should've kept this one in the vault, boy.

Maybe we should have just sucked it up and played Fallout Boy (which it turns out is the name of a group of people that play instruments together), but we have differing tastes (that were ruined by being alive during the nineties).

"Okay great stop talking about PAX now." Soon, my friends. Soon.