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Hard Day? Take a Quantum Break and Watch Some TV

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Remember how in Alan Wake there were tv's in various locations with a live-action Twilight Zone-like show called "Night Springs"? Oh. Well, it existed and the show was fun. But it was clearly just a seed to a grander vision.

As mentioned in a previous post about Quantum Breakthe live-action element to the game was a known quantity. We knew they were working on a tv show that, as far as we know, was intended to be part of Microsoft's overall tv offering. An offering that would ultimately be shuddered completely BUT would not impact the Quantum Break show.

Starring Shawn Ashmore (X-Men "Iceman"), Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones "Littlefinger") and Lance Reddick (The Wire "Cedric Daniels"), the tv show will ultimately fill in background and other story aspects based upon choices that are made towards the end of each level or "episode". While the game will focus on Jack Joyce (Ashmore), you'll have the chance to take over Gillen's character, Paul Serene, at each episodes finale and make a decision - referred to as "junction moments" - which will unlock and play a 22-minute commercial-free episode based upon that choice.

While Remedy says you won't be able to just binge watch the episodes, I have to assume that once you unlock one you can go back to it at any time. I'm pretty excited to see how this turns out. You've got some quality actors working with a team who has a pretty good track record for creating memorable and off-kilter stories. Sam Lake, don't let us down now.

Below is a combo game/live-action trailer with the tv show stuff coming towards the end.