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Commander...Check Out This Ant-Farm! It's Keen!

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If you were wondering how resource and base management would work in XCOM 2 (and let's be honest, how could you NOT be wondering about those 2 things? I mean, dammit people. Get your shit together) this 11 minute video may just provide some insight into the queries you may have had. 

OR it will create even more questions. The madness will grow. You'll be forced to cycle through endless possibilities that you've created in your own mind. It'll take some form of recall...perhaps...a Total Recall

In any case, check the video out because XCom 2 is on it's way and you'll want as much information as you can gather before you put together the greatest, and possibly last, resistance this planet will ever see, Commander.


Tony from Total Recall (played by Dean "Hank" Norris of Breaking Bad fame)