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Captain WALLLLKKKKEERRR! A Full Hour of Mad Max gameplay

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Here's a whole bloody hour of gameplay from the upcoming Mad Max game developed by the crew over at Avalanche Studios.

If you've been curious, as we've been, about what the hell this game is *really* gonna be like, this video might just answer those questions. You'll get to see how the map is laid out, a combo of the on-foot and car combat as well as mission completion. So, the whole 9 yards (NOT the Bruce Willis/Matthew Perry vehicle. I know, I know. Disappointing.) is here for your viewing pleasure.

I'm sure we'll be talking about this on Tuesday's podcast episode because...well...It's goddamn Mad Max and I've been incredibly wary of the game based on what we've already been shown. Will this video change my mind!? Will it bring me to a point of purchase or *GASP* pre-order!? Will anybody actually care!? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! SAME MAX TIME, SAME MAX CHANNEL!!