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PAX, Swag and 0HP. Buttons, T-Shirts and Beards OH MY!

PAX 2015MattComment

As PAX inches ever closer we have discussed, consulted, investigated, considered, thought about, toyed with, used tea leaves, attempted yoga, believed in the tarot and probably like...1 other really specific thing what our schedule will look like.

We'll continue to update the podcast along with our quite-fancy PAX-specific cover page so you MAY know our every move, our every breath, how many bottles of water we've chugged and how many trips to the urinarium we've made. I stress the word "MAY". We've updated that page with our planned Meetup (come say "Hi" or "Hey Jerks" or "You're not really great at this and maybe you should stop also can I have a t-shirt and another one for my "friend"?" or whatever you like! We'll be at The Pine Box Bar on Sunday around 7:00pm. 

We've got a few other things planned, such as bringing some of YOU back to our room for a little...fun (non-creepy winky-face). We'll have an Xbox One hooked up (hopefully so we can do some live streaming) and multiplayer games that you'll almost certainly embarrass us at.

And what would PAX be without some swag to give away? Well, we've actually got some! That's right kids, we've got a ton of buttons to just throw at you* and a very limited number of t-shirts that we'll be handing out at various points throughout the weekend! 


We're both really excited for PAX this year and we hope to meet a bunch of you while we're in Seattle! Drop us a line at podcast@0hitpoints.com or hit us up on twitter and let us know what you'll be up to! 

We'll be doing our best to update twitter with what we're up to as often as we can but if you've ever been to PAX you know how well wi-fi and mobile data signals can be. If you haven't been and did not infer the state of connectivity from the above phrasing, I will be more clear: It's spotty at best. Usually pretty ass. But not like...not a pretty ass. Not like that award-winning donkey you've seen down the road at the barn. But more of a really crappy, bad ass. But not bad ass like Danny Trejo. Bad ass as in ass that has gone rotten.

So, yeah. Let's hang out and do stuff at PAX.