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Xbox 360 on Xbox One Round Two


Still maybe my favorite part of this backwards compatibility thing is how some days I turn on my Xbox One and there are 2 more 360 games "ready to install". Last week it was Gears of War and Shadow Complex (both Epic Games' properties), and I finally booted up Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise while I was at it. Viva Piñata took its own sweet time downloading the corresponding cloud save, but the others took less than a second and I was able to continue right from wherever I left off a million years ago. Gears even let me browse some online game lobbies with a whole 2 games I could've joined, but I didn't join any because like I said they were GEARS OF WAR ONLINE GAMES. Also, Shadow Complex 2 now please.

Games will start showing up for everybody this November (including all future 360 Games with Gold titles), and Polygon has a list of publishers who seem to be on board so far.