what is a reverse improvement

Tony Hawk's Project Hate


My trip down backlog lane has taken me to Tony Hawk's Project 8 about 5 separate times now, each of which has ended with a hearty "welp, screw that game," even if I did eke out a couple hard-won goals or achievements in the process. I've said as much on ep 30 of the podcast, and I say much more on today's episode, but it has now culminated in one of the hardest accomplishments of my video game life. Luckily (?) this coincided with 0HITPOINTS' nascent presence on Twitch, so the whole thing ended up as the first of what we'll semi-apologetically refer to as Hitplays from here on out. I have no idea where my 360 headset has taken up residence, so you can't hear the numerous kind words I politely directed at the game, but they were super nice. Super, super nice.