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[GIVEAWAY] Fallout 4 Prize Pack WINNER Announcement!

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First of all, a HUGE Thank You all so much for entering. This was our first giveaway AND it coincides with a few pretty big things happening this week. We're running right into our 1st full year of doing 0HITPOINTS as well as this coming week's 50th episode!! What better way to celebrate than to give away a free copy of a game Fallout 4!? So we did! 

We truly appreciate everybody who took the time to enter, thank you all so much for making this a success. We hope you had fun coming up with ORIGINAL perk ideas AND we hope you've taken a few minutes to check out the podcast and some of our videos to see exactly who we are and what we're about (if you happen to figure this out, please let us know). 


Enough with all the pleasantries. You all just want to see who the winner is. 

We had a staggering number of fantastic suggestions for ORIGINAL Fallout 4 perks. Some of you went way off the rails (in the best way), some of you stuck to the Fallout-style of description/humor and some of you had no idea what this contest was about, why you were seeing it but you REALLY wanted to win. 

Before we announce the winner, we want to share some of our favorite perk ideas. You can read a handful of our favorites OR you can LISTEN to how we deliberated and discussed our top 20 with a brand-new Fallout 4 Giveaway EXTRA HITPOINTS!

Harold perk:

Channel your inner Harold and turn into a tree
(Note this perk ends the game other than a cinematic view of you as a large deformed oak, also weakens your immunity to fire)
— Dustin M.

This perk made me laugh out loud. I love the idea of taking this perk knowing full well what will happen when you do. The inference taken from the description wherein the game is brought to a screeching halt until you either quit or reload while the camera circles around your newly branch-ridden body is hilarious.


Description: You have quite the keen eye for fashion, proving you to be a speck of beauty in the vast eyesore of the Wasteland!

+5 Deception
+5 Persuasion
— Michael W.

I think this one stood out because "Snazzy" is a great perk name and while there have been stat bonuses to articles of clothing, I like the addition of Deception and Persuasion as stat boosts. 

Don’t Give A Fucking Fuck:

You truly don’t care what people think of you. You do what you want, when you want, how you want. Somehow you manage to convey that it isn’t personal, and thus gain no enemies. People might not like you, but they’re not going to attack you, either. On the flip side, friends and allies are harder to come by, but the ones you do earn are loyal as a motherfucker.
— Mila D.



Endurance 10

There is a chance when you rest that you will be awakened in a state of primal rage, with the strength speed, and vicious weaponry of a deathclaw. No one is sure how you contracted this disease, but you might as well put it to use to get rid of those pesky intruders!
— Roy H.

This is another one that had great gameplay implications. I'd prefer it happen on random night cycles so the risk/reward is much higher, but I love the idea that you get stuck needing health, don't want to venture back into the wasteland so you find a nice, cozy bed that once belonged to a small family of Ghouls you ruthlessly slaughtered only to be awoken with a shock of pain as you slowly turn into a Deathclaw. What's not to love?

Pep in Your Step:

Ain’t nothing like a fine tune! Certain songs played from your Pip-Boy now provide small bonuses toward specific abilities depending on the song. A little inspiration can go a long way, especially out in the wastes.
— Jeriko251

Another one with a strong, Fallout-y perk name. We both dug the idea that actually listening to your Pip-Boy's music was a reason for bonuses. We really liked the idea of rotating stat increases based on the song and my brain went one further and considered another interesting wrinkle. If each station was tied to a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute and the songs which followed impacted stats directly related to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L station.  Jeriko gets the honorable mention for providing an original drawing!! Great work, Jeriko!

Freakin' LOVE this drawing! It was a great addition to the entry.


These were just a few of the suggestions we liked the most BUT the winning ORIGINAL perk idea comes to us from Jesse C. 


Divine Clutz:

Either with 1 rank only of luck or agility, when using vats with melee weapons, explosives, and certain guns, it will either backfire on yourself, fail in a spectacular way or grant extra powerful criticals or crazy good accuracy.
— Jesse C.

We really liked this one. It had one of our favorite perk names and we both really liked the implications of choosing this set of traits. There was something very perfect about how this perk fit for us.

So, huge congratulations to Jesse C. You'll be receiving a copy of Fallout 4 along with a prize pack that will have some Fallout-related goodies.

Thank you all again for participating and stick around. This will not be the last giveaway we do. Plus, we're really fun and entertaining! 

*wrong game, jackass