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[GIVEAWAY] Fallout 4 Prize Pack Contest HAS ENDED!!

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Thhhhaaaattttt's right Wastelanders!

Entries for the Fallout 4 Prize Pack Contest will no longer be accepted as of riiiiiiiggggghhhhhttttttt.....now. 12:01 PM! HAHAHAHA! CONTEST IS OVER!  

Thanks to everybody who participated, we'll be announcing the winner between Friday and Monday. We've previewed a few of the entries and there is going to be some tough competition. You vault-lovers really went all out!

Keep your eyeball mechanisms glued to the website as we'll be announcing the winner here first! Once again, thank you to everybody who participated, who shared and liked the post. We love the response and hope you'll take the time to check out the podcast and see what we're all about. Or just take the game and run. We'll understand. We won't like it but dammit...we'll...*wipes tear away* understand.

We're excited to pick the winner of our first big contest and just remember, all it takes is a little bit of help...from Lady Luck.