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Caution: Vault Door Opening Imminent! Fallout 4 Launch Trailer

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We're in the final stretch, Vault Dwellers! Just a few short days until the door rolls open and the blinding light of a sun not seen in what feels like forever will cast it's warm gaze upon women, children and men who have never seen such a thing.

Then we'll head over to Fenway Park for a Fenway Frank (now made from real mirelurk!)

With that, the Fallout 4 launch trailer:

Along with this here fancy launch trailer, Bethesda also released the Pip-Boy mobile app on both the Apple and Android app stores! What a day to be alive and not covered in radiation!

Protip: In the top right hand corner there's a mail icon. Click on that to play the Holotape game! Stop those bombs from ever falling in a fun-filled game of Atomic Command!