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"That Won't Happen Again" - Star Wars Battlefront's Boba Fett

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That whole Star Wars: Battlefront beta was a pretty big deal but as has been mentioned, it was merely a taste. And a taste it certainly appears to be! DICE showed off a new trailer at Paris Games Week and oh boy, it's a doozy.

This trailer...holy shit. We got Walker Assault on Sullust, we got Princess Leia going toe to toe with Boba Fett (we're gonna get to the dialogue soon enough), we got Vader v. Solo, we got battles on the forest moon, we got all the good stuff riiiiiiight here. 

I knew I was getting the game but I was gonna do it with a little bit of a chip on my shoulder. I'm pretty sure the chip just fell off.

Some of the dialogue they've written and chosen to use is just horrendous. It's hilariously bad which, in some bizarro way, makes it good? I don't know but "That won't happen agayan" (Boba Fett quote: now with Action Accent!) is like new George Lucas dialogue and I think that's universally despised.