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But I Wanna Be the Demon! Doom 4 Alpha Gameplay

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Everybody's favorite development house named id has decided to grace us with some multiplayer alpha gameplay of their upcoming demon-shooting, head-stomping, viscera-covered favorite Doom.

After watching this video I'm 100% certain that I will be gibs 99% of the time but I'm 100% ok with being dead 99% of the time if 100% of the time Doom is fun. Right now, i'm 99% sure it will be fun but I think we all know how we feel when people use percentages in situations such as this.

Right now, the game looks beautiful, I'm digging the arsenal they're showing off here and love the becoming the demon aspect. This definitely reminds me of hooking up a small LAN and spending the weekend fragging each other in raucous game of Doom II

Will Doom come back from the depths of hell and reclaim it's throne as the King FPS or will it be like the movie with the Rock and Coral Urban? Anywhere but in-between.