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Freaking Free Fallout 4


Do you like Fallout? Do you love free stuff? Would you love free Fallout 4?

We will be giving away a pretty sweet Fallout 4 prize pack which will include the game for the platform of your choice and a few other very cool goodies.

You'll need to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We'll be providing more info regarding just how to win on the podcast (site, iTunes), so keep your earholes tuned to it!

Get ready to wander the wastelands, people. It's gonna be a gooooood time. *cracks open a Nuka cola and rides the decline of civilization like it was a scene from a Stanley Kubrick movie*

Hey! Somebody kick that jukebox...<I don't want to set the wooooorrrrllllllldddddd onnnnnnn fiiiirrrrreeeeeeeee>